Customizing KeyCreator 5.0 with KXL Programming Book  
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If you’re new to KeyCreator™ or a long time user of CADKEY® you may have found that you will need to customize the program for yourself or the company you work for. KeyCreator™ has increased the capability of its customization through KXL Programming. This is the most recent book available for the new KeyCreator™ Programming Language.

This book is designed for beginners and for reference. If you have never programmed before or just need a book for reference this book is for you. No knowledge of any KXL Programming is assumed. If you have ever found yourself doing repetitive tasks that a recorded macro just isn’t good enough then your next step is KXL Programming.

The biggest advantage that this book offers is that each function in this book is an actual working program. As the functions get harder you will notice that most functions need support or access to other functions in order to work the way it is designed. The help file does not show this relationship between functions.

Available in color covers and B&W pages as well as FULL COLOR cover and pages!
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