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   This application saves designers time and standardize part layouts and BOM lists. When designing tools, fixtures gages ect. you need to create a Bill of Material for the raw material of the tool. The BOM is used as a list of material that is required for production and not finished purchased parts. This takes time to measure, verify and write down then add to a note in the drawing and then add a note to a sheet of some sort either in KeyCreator or in another program like Excel. This all takes a lot of valuable time just filling notes, that amount of time it takes will inevitably result in key stroke errors or inverting numbers or missing decimal places.

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Benefits of using
this software.
  1. Increase Productivity
    EasyBOM can increase productivity by automating routine tasks freeing up time for your designers.

  2. Improve Quality of BOM
    Since EasyBOM automatically finds sizes based on the solids there is no need for users to measure and input sizes which leads to typographical errors.

  3. Decrease Manufacturing Costs
    With the time saved using EasyBOM with the high accuracy of the BOM results in lower design & manufacturing costs.

  4. Single Application for BOM
    EasyBOM provides the ability to store your BOM within your design file.

  5. Auto Export Solids for CAM Software
    With EasyBOM you can automatically name and export the solid to a user definable location when its inserted into the BOM.