KXL Creator  
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Download KXL Creator Win 7
Download KXL Creator Win 8/10

Editing Features
  • Paragraph alignment
  • Line Change Indicator in margin
  • Configurable colors
  • Auto-indent lines
  • File tabs
  • Recent files list (up to 10 recent files)
  • Make a copy/backup of active file
  • Set editor colors
  • Set syntax highlighting colors
  • Printing functionality
  • Multi-level undo and redo for nearly every editor function
  • Cut/Copy/Paste
  • Interactive spell check (for syntax) while typing
  • File status (new, saved, unsaved, etc.)
  • Count words in entire file or in selected text if selection exists (includes line count)
  • Insert lines, page breaks, or even an entire file at current cursor position
  • Zoom in/out on text by increasing/decreasing font size
  • Help file/manual with indexed and searchable contents
  • Context sensitive help

Advanced Features
  • Integrated scripting language (based on KXL) to programmatically automate tasks
  • Editable User Defined Routines
  • KXL File encryption to KXE files
  • KXP File Compile to KXL or to KXP file formats
  • Backup and auto-save:
    • Every open file can be backed up on save
    • Create incremental/versioned backups with configurable save format
    • Set timed backup/auto-save
    • Auto-save files when application loses focus
    • Set custom backup directory
  • Highly configurable syntax highlighting