Spell Checker  

Spell Checker for KeyCreator 4.0 & 4.5

Version Date Released

v1.01 03-12-05
A. Add Options Dialog
B. Highlite each entity as checked

v1.02 03-17-05
A. Updated About Dialog Box to include www.HilssConsulting.com

v1.03 04-16-05
A. Add option to save SuggestSplitWords checkbox
B. Updated WSpell from 5.15.00 to 5.15.02

v1.04 04-20-05
A. Add correct.tlx to front of Main Dictionaries
This fixed the problem with correcting spelling.

v1.05 08-05-05
A. Sometimes if layout instance active, then program
may not be able to select notes. This has been fixed.

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