KeyCreator V3 Training Video(s)  

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There are approximately 106 different videos.
We provided a 30-40 second sample video for each one so that you can "Preview" the video before you by it.
One thing to keep in mind , The sample videos are at a lower screen resolution as well as compressed for file space.
The full videos are produced at a screen resolution of 1024 X 768 and are not compressed at all, they are very nice videos.

KeyCreator V3 Training Video set from SERNAGRPHICS

1.Filled With over 8 hours of audio-visual presentations
2. Study guide including:

Overview of each video
List of Keyboard Shortcuts for quick reference
List of Videos
Quick reference index to video Topics
3. Demo files to follow along with the videos
4. Master files for 2D assignments
5. Files to work with as represented in the videos

CD Set Price: $135.00

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If you Purchase the Full CD from then you will also get the online video access for free.
In addition, if you purchase any of the individual videos and then decide to purchase the full CD set then we will apply the previous amount that you have already purchased towards the Price of the CD set.